What to Wear to the Pilates Class?

Pilates is sometimes associated with Yoga. Although the positions of the exercises differ, the clothing may go hand in hand, as you do stretch, bend and twist in both Pilates and Yoga. 

In Pilates you concentrate on the correct movement and body alignment. Pilates requires patient and you can never be fully learned. That is what makes it so intriguing apart from sculpting the body and building a stronger core.

The right clothing is top priority. You don’t want a top or pants to hinder your focus. Such as a t-shirt gliding over your head, drifting the focus away when being in an upside-down Pilates position. The right Pilates wear will allow your full attention to each position.


A sporty chic jumpsuit with an open heel and toe for anti-slip support.
Hair up (if long).

After your workout it is pretty sweet to look classy with a nice comfy sweater or t-shirt to pair with your jumpsuit while heading over to the local cafe with the girls. To grab a drink or a bite, after a hard-core workout.

You body. Your choice.

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