About Helena-Alexandra

With a passion for movement

I was first introduced to Pilates while living in Los Angeles, USA, to treat my scoliosis and to improve my mobility. While I was gaining more body control, I got curious about anatomy and how movement can support your overall well being, which led me to become a fully certified Pilates instructor. 

Pilates and teaching has helped me in a lot of ways, not only to treat my scoliosis, during my pregnancy and post birth recovery, but also with my posture. A better posture and an increased body awareness have really helped my confidence. It has never been better - today I walk into business meetings with my head held up high and with a straight back (or as straight as it can be 😉). I want to share my journey and inspire other women with their unique story. Getting women to move, work on their posture, and body awareness is very dear to me. 

Back in Los Angeles, while being in a rather upside-down Pilates position, I got hung up on the idea of a flattering and powerful sports brand, cut to compliment the female body in motion. With a timeless and sustainable design. The products should be engineered by extensive testing with role models, not models. These role models are the beautiful people I created this brand for.