10 Top Pilates Instructors To Follow on Social Media Summer 2020

We have gathered the top ten most influential Pilates instructors that inspire us on social media right now. Each one of them have put their soul and mind into helping people moving through Pilates.

Founder of WundaBar Pilates this woman is inspiring us to work a little harder in order to sculpt our body with Pilates. You find her studio in California and NYC. Most of all you have to take a look at WundaBar’s Pilates Instagram. Time to sculpt that summer body?


Karen Lord pays attention to what moves you and we love it. You will find her in TriBeCa, NYC. Living her dream and inspiring us all to move our body through Pilates. She will make sure to get you hooked on a “feel good” vibe in your workout routine. 


Hollie Grant is the Pilates PT online and the inventor of the Model method Online. Good looking, humble and make you want to workout just like a model. Get ready for a personalized workout journey tailored for your inner model.


The Pilates teaching mama you want to follow. Her beautiful Instagram feed do not just inspires, yet also touches you to the hart when her children practice together with their mom Jenny Redford. Sneak a peak at her 10-day Whole Body Challenge.


With her noticeable interest in letting everyone know Pilates is for everybody. She is curious about the moments where something became so impossible and threatening that we chose to give up. Anula Maiberg inspires you to not give up and keep trying.


Lisa Hubbard is the founder of rytm Pilates. Stay within control and then let go a little. She incorporates rhythm and flow into the traditional Pilates practice by adding the dance element. Did we mention she looks radiant. Check out her feed.


Aimee Challies feed makes you want to instantly jet over to New Zeeland. Although, rumors has it she is now in Paris. We look forward to cool pics from the city of fashion. Aimee Challies is an international Garuda, Pilates & Yoga teacher, from New Zealand.


Cassey’s mission is to make fitness colorful and fun. Has she managed? Yes! Cassey Ho is the founder of PopPilates and her energy is radiant all the way through social media to ”real life”.


Sylvia Roberts is incredible in the way she can move her body with such grace. Follow her feed on Instagram and social media. Make sure to tune up and listen to her cool choice of music when working that body and mind.


Karena Thek is the founder of Scolio-Pilates, a scoliosis specific exercise. We have tried some of her online classes and have to say it is truly amazing. Her focus on the details, your specific curve or curves and the logic behind it, is amazing. Hats off for a fun and inspiring feed for all scoliosis peeps.


(This post was updated: 2020-07-04)

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