We believe movement is key to a healthy lifestyle. We also believe that a chic and sporty outfit makes the Pilates workout even more fun. We have gathered the best Pilates studios around the world, so that you can keep up with your Pilates routine where ever you are. We have listed our favourite Pilates studios on the map below.

Whether or not you are looking for a new favourite spot in your hometown, or if you are on the way to a new city or continent, don’t miss out on where to practice Pilates. We love traveling the world and meet new inspiring instructors and studio owners who want to be part of our journey, and who want to inspire your Pilates training.

Search on a city that you are currently in, or about to travel to, and find your local Pilates studios in that city. Click on the studios that appears to read more about them.

When we review the Pilates studios we look for the following:
The type of Pilates class they have, such as reformer classes, mat classes, tower classes etc. We evaluate if they have private Pilates sessions and open classes. How you book a class. How many people they have in their classes. What type of Pilates they teach. How clean the studio is. If they have a changing room. If they have a changing room with toiletries. If you have to bring your own towel. If they have a studio store.
It is important for us to be able to offer only the best Pilates studios to you.

If you believe there is a studio that we are not mentioning here. Please send us an email at: hello@pebblespilates.com and we will make sure to consider your favourite studio. We also know some studios have more classical type of Pilates whereas others incorporate more modern type of Pilates. That is why we make sure to describe the type of Pilates the Pilates studio offers.

We also find it important for you to know if the instructors and studio owners are certified in Pilates. Landing in a new city, whether for love, for work, for settling down or just to have a nice vacay, we know the urge of still wanting to keep up with your Pilates training.

Good luck finding a new Pilates studio in your city that you are headed to.