My Post Pregnancy Comeback Combat

Two months have passed since I gave birth, and I thought some post pregnancy Pilates exercises would be in place.

I have never been so in love and so happy, although I am tired and my body feels weak. I am positive that I can get back to the body movement I was used to before my pregnancy. The issue is finding the time to workout. You can follow me working with an expert to inspire other women to get back to a body in movement, after having given birth, through weekly updates here.

So far, there have been many days where I really have to push myself, in order to get down with some exercises. I admit it has been hard to remember doing the movements and finding some time for myself.

I have teamed up with an expert on women’s health pre, during and post pregnancy. Together we have looked at the deep pelvic floor, diastasis recti and transversus four weeks after having given birth (ultrasound may follow in a later post). We have put together some exercises to build up strength and stability in the pelvic floor area and some core and gluteus work.

In a couple of weeks we will compare and do a new scan of the muscle engagement in order to see what my recovery looks like after having done some specific exercises.

So, for the eager one, please check in here, at our Instagram @pebblespilates or sign up for the newsletter, in order to get some inspiration on how to slowly build up the pelvic floor, gluteus, core and back after having given birth. My goal is to get back to the running and Pilates that my body was able to do before the pregnancy. The work we show will serve as inspiration. You should always consult with your doctor and PT to ensure you plan the workout according to your goals and body condition.

Why on earth have previous generations and women to this day having had to suffer, due to lack of research on what the body goes through during and after a pregnancy? I found Pilates due to my scoliosis, but it seems like it really comes in handy post pregnancy as well!