How to do The Push Up with Micki Havard

The Push Up challenge has gone viral, but this is how you really do a push up.

We teamed up with Micki Havard, maybe more known as Micki Phit, in order to show you a push up video tutorial. In this video Micki shows different ways of how to perform a proper and safe push up.

Watch the video below in order to practice your push ups with control. But, as always make sure to workout carefully and listen to your body. Also, we always suggest you consult with your doctor and physical therapist for a safe workout.

Start on your hands and knees with the knees under your hips and the wrist under your shoulders. Make sure to engage your abs by drawing the navel in.

Then, extend both legs so you come into a full plank. Engage your abs and make sure you are not over extending the elbows. Keep the arms close towards your body and then lower the chest towards the floor, and push yourself up again.

As a modification, you can do the same thing, but you come down onto your knees instead.

Another variation of the above is by lowering down and hold yourself down while counting two counts, and push up yourself up again on one count.

A final variation is to come down onto your elbows. Where you hold your plank position and press the shoulders together while you lower the chest towards the floor, while keeping the elbows on the mat all the time.

Make sure to watch the video for better guidance.

Micki Havard