About Us

Your story moves us


The name Pebbles, is inspired by small stones made smooth and round by nature through the action of water or sand. Each pebble is uniquely shaped, with an authentic story, an important story that should be heard. Just like yours. 

Each Pebbles Pilates piece is inspired from, and carefully tested by our role models. The role models are women with a unique story and a unique life, just like you. They are not defined as, but are high-performing Pilates Instructors, Designers, Careerists, Moms, Sisters, and Daughters. They’re shaping the future of tomorrow's society. Just like you.

The designs for each piece is made in Stockholm, Sweden, a country known for quality and minimalism - characteristics that are also reflected in the timeless design. The dark colors and sleek silhouette make a classic and clean look. The design is built upon the next, new collections are additions to complement the line, rather than reinventing it. That’s why we offer a 10 Season Guarantee Policy.