Make Workout Part of Your Company Culture

Are you responsible for shaping your company’s culture? Responsible for hiring the right team? How important is the culture for a company’s success?

According to Reid Hoffman’s podcast “Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman“, he proves culture is essential when wanting to scale a business. Namely, in the one where he interviews Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings.
In the podcast, they raise the importance of always thinking about the culture that one is shaping and the people one are bringing on board. Preferably already at a start, when the business is still small.


What do you want to be?
How should you operate?
Whom are you trying to hire?
What can they (the people you look to hire) expect?

Netflix culture handbook on SlideShare has been viewed over 16 million times. I want to share it as working with teams has always been a great interest of mine and I hope it will inspire other companies shaping their business culture.

Hard work is never enough when you want to scale, hard work and more work is never the answer, you have to leverage every person in the organization and how you craft the culture.

Can you build a stronger culture by working out with the team and clients? PEBBLES wants to dare you to build a culture where the workout is at its core, for better decision making and breaking down problems at its core. Are you using the first principle thinking? Kick off the next workshop with a workout session. Let the team out of the context and let them break down the problem after being high on dopamine.

Or simply introduce a morning workout in style at the nearest roof top.

Worth a try?