Interview with the Pilates Instructor Karena Thek

We are proud to present a true Pilates and Scoliosis ambassadeur, Karena Thek. Karena the wife, mom, sister, daughter, basset hound wrangler.

Karena the avid outdoors person. And Karena the Pilates instructor, author, international teacher. There’s a lot of sides to all of us! Instead of a coin, we are more like multi-faceted jewels.

Below Karena is sharing her view on Pilates, life and much more. Enjoy the read. 

I'm not sure I have a life motto, but there are things I say a lot. The first is, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” The other is “An inch wide, a mile deep.” Those phrases ring in my head.  A LOT. I guess that makes them life mottos. Haha!
Right now I am extra curious about nerves, connective tissue, breathing and how it’s all connected to everything else. On a regular basis, I am constantly curious about color and movement. I am always painting and dancing in my head.
A beautiful body to me, is a body where the owner is comfortable and respectful of that body. One of our Scolio-Pilates practitioners passed away recently, Jen Ainger. She wrote, in one of her final blogs, “I would’ve been nicer to myself.” I like that. I think we could all live by that.
Pilates to me is, opportunity. It was an opportunity to be pain-free when I was in my twenties. An opportunity to have a dance career because the work made my dancing better. An opportunity to meet my best friends and to travel the planet to meet them. And for the future, an opportunity to continue moving and living really well throughout life.
The perfect Pilates outfit goes back to what a beautiful body is. The perfect Pilates outfit allows me to move and to express the respect I feel for all that my body can do.
My favorite Pilates moves are, the ones I learned when I was studying dance. I was taught five exercises on the reformer. That was my introduction to Pilates. I did those five exercises for close to five years. I truly thought those were the only exercises that existed. Haha! And they are still my go-to’s: footwork, bridging, arm circles, feet in straps and swan on the long box.
Pilates, and movement in general, is not really a workout, or even exercise for that matter. It’s about exploration of what this body, that body, can do. We can expand, flow, undulate, explode or burst through motion. Bodies don’t exercise, they live, they are alive. And when we are consciously moving, we are simply living a moment of motion. Exploring that moment in time through our own bodies.
My studio is an oasis. It’s peaceful and bright. It invites exploration and creativity. It’s also where I meet some of the most wonderful humans in the world.  
Every Thursday there is a free Scolio-Pilates class online. Please join us! We also have a lot of ongoing online and in-person professional seminars. If you need a challenge, scoliosis needs you!
My top three reasons why one should do Pilates are; Life. Joy. Fulfillment.

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