Helen O'Leary for #PebblesPilatesMoves

We have teamed up with Pilates Instructor Helen O'Leary. In this video Helen is breaking down how to do a mermaid. 

Helen is a Physiotherapist and clinical Pilates Instructor, based in London. She is the owner of Complete Pilates, a Pilates studio with an aim of providing high quality clinical Pilates. Helen's aim is also helping develop and implement more objectivity to Pilates.

What kind of Pilates exercises can I expect in this workout?

In this video you are guided through a mermaid on the mat. Helen is breaking it down so that you will better understand the benefit of the exercise. You will also understand why you move in certain ways and what it does to your body. Enjoy!

Watch the video for guidance:

(Remember to consult with your doctor and physical therapist in order to train safely).

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