Erin Kennedy for #PebblesPilatesMoves

We have teamed up with Pilates instructor Erin Kennedy. In this video she is guiding you through a 15 minutes full body workout.

Erin found Pilates after an injury and have been in love with the practice ever since. Today she is running her own studio, based in Boston. Below you can workout together with Erin when she test drives our sportswear.

What kind of movements can I expect in this workout?

In this video you are guided through a full body workout. It is a 15 minutes side lying series, with focus on the entire body. It is important to focus a little extra on your obliques and shoulder stability. For this workout you just need yourself, your favorite sportswear and a mat. Enjoy!

Watch the video for guidance:

(Remember to consult with your doctor and physical therapist in order to train safely).

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