How to do the Single Leg Stretch Pilates Exercise?

Here are three simple cues in how to do the Single Leg Stretch Pilates exercise.
The Single Leg Stretch mainly targets the following muscles: transversus, deep pelvic floor, obliques, multifidus, hip flexors and scapula stabilizers.
Watch the video below, in order to get guidance in how to do the Single Leg Stretch Pilates Exercise.
Lie on your back with the upper body flexed off the mat, stabilize the scapula and bring the legs to tabletop, and hands on the outside of the leg.
On an exhale, extend one leg to a diagonal and move the outside hand to the ankle and the inside hand to the knee of the flexed leg.
On an inhale, begin to switch legs and hands. And on exhale fully extend the leg.
Repetitions: 10 repetitions
Caution: Only extend the leg as low as you can hold the pelvic stability.
The founder of Pebbles Pilates, Helena-Alexandra
Fun fact: Using a jumpsuit in your Pilates workout will help you be more present in each position.

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