How to do the Shoulder Bridge Pilates Exercise?

The Shoulder Bridge mainly targets the following muscles: transversus, deep pelvic floor, obliques, multifidus, hip flexors and scapula stabilizers. 

Watch the video below of how to do the Shoulder Bridge Pilates exercise.

Lie on your back in neutral. Keep the knees flexed and hip distance apart with the feet on the mat. Keep the arms on the mat by the side of the body.

On an exhale stabilize hips and lift the pelvis off the mat. Keep the shoulders and knees in one line.

On an inhale lift one foot off the mat and extend leg towards the sky and point the foot.

On an exhale flex the foot and lower straight leg to knee height.

Repetitions: 5 repetitions on each leg.

Caution: Make sure to keep imprint at all time and avoid lateral tilting or rotation of the pelvis. Also, make sure to always consult with your doctor and your physiotherapist for a safe workout.

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