How to do the Obliques Pilates Exercise?

Watch the online video with three simple safe cues in how to do the Obliques Pilates Exercise.
The Obliques mainly targets the following muscles: transversus, deep pelvic floor, obliques, hip flexors and scapula stabilizers.

Lie on your back with the upper body flexed off the mat, stabilize the shoulders, hold imprint, keep the legs in tabletop and the hands behind the head.

On an exhale extend one leg to a diagonal and rotate the upper body towards the flexed knee.

On an inhale return to centre and begin to switch the legs.

On exhale fully extend the other leg and rotate upper body towards the other knee.

Repetitions: 10 repetitions

Caution: Only extend the leg as low as you can hold pelvic stability.

Helena-Alexandra, the founder of Pebbles Pilates

Fun fact: The really clever thing about hippos is that they produce their own sunscreen, in the form of a sticky reddish sweat.

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