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Kate Davies – Hot Pilates Instructor

Interview with the Pilates Instructor Kate Davies

We hopped over to NYC to ask Kate Davies about her view on Hot Pilates.

Kate Davies is inspiring the world to practice more Bikram Yoga and Hot Pilates through her many retreats and opening of her own studio, YO BK, which have two locations in Brooklyn. It is a must visit, when you are in New York next time.  Read more “Kate Davies – Hot Pilates Instructor”


The seamless design of Pebbles Pilates

The seamless design of Pebbles Pilates jumpsuit BCYB 1.0

When you dive into new fields you want to team up with the best in the industry.

When I founded Pebbles Pilates I knew I was going to face a challenge when it came to the actual production. I probably made at least ten different designs and samples, before we went into production, of the BCYB Full Body Jumpsuit. Long name I know, BCYB, stands for Be in Charge for Your Body, and was coming together just when Me Too was spreading like a whirlwind around the world. Equality is nothing new, we know that. Just like we know that strong women dates way back. However, it felt right to name the first piece inspired after something that so strongly symbolizes and unite women. Read more “The seamless design of Pebbles Pilates”

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Top 3 Hot Pilates Studio in New York

Top 3 Hot Pilates Studio in New York

Hot Pilates is hotter than ever before

Just like Bikram Yoga, Hot Pilates is practiced in a room heated to around 85-95° F. Hot Pilates increases flexibility and do wonders to your body control and posture. It is a full body workout using the principles from Pilates. Hot Pilates is the latest fitness craze in USA among celebrities, socialites and influencers.

Unlike Pilates done at a traditional Pilates studio or gym, Hot Pilates requires a proper heating system and ventilation. Hot Pilates is done on a mat and not on the Pilates machines.

Read more “Top 3 Hot Pilates Studio in New York”

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My Crocket Story – How My Scoliosis Lead Me…

Pebbles founder on how her scoliosis lead her into Pilates.

I am always serious with my Pilates routine. Whenever life hits me nowadays, it hits my back first.

Whenever my back starts to hurt, it usually means something is heading my way. It is during those times I thank myself for sticking to my Pilates routine. Pilates has changed my life.

Read more “My Crocket Story – How My Scoliosis Lead Me Into Pilates”